With deadly viruses and antibiotic-resistant infections on the rise, and current processes and equipment only reaching about 25% of room surfaces, yesterday’s cleaning and infection control systems are obsolete. Cleaning protocols tailored around our system are cost effective, accessible, practical, safe and scalable. We offer simplified processes that can be replicated and scaled.

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The Chemicals we use for Normal and Electrostatic spray treatments are PURONE and PURTABS. We are contracted With EvaClean and EarthSafe to use, sale and distribute their products. Here is some of the science and information for both.

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Safe, Long-Lasting Microbial Protection with PURONE

Products claiming to deliver residual and long-lasting protection against mold, bacteria, viruses, pathogens and odors either do so with limited use and value (such as a few days of lasting efficacy) or come with the caveats that they can’t be exposed to UV light or water as they will wash off. Couple that with the fact that the active ingredients need to be made available on the surface in order to be effective and you now have chemicals that leech off of whatever surfaces they’re applied on. This is not only dangerous for anyone who comes into contact with them but also means the product no longer works once the chemicals are worn off.

PURONE is the only product available on the market to use a proprietary moisture-activated matrix that delivers residual long-lasting protection of treated surfaces for up to a month at a time. The unique approach uses ambient humidity and microscopic pores on the treated surface to keep powerful active ingredients captive and available while ensuring they won’t leach or abrade on contact. The “mesh-like” matrix allows mold, bacteria, mildew, allergens, pathogens even algae to come in contact with the active ingredients but at the same time keeps the active ingredients from escaping. This gives you safe, highly effective and long-lasting protection and peace of mind that is simply unmatched by anything currently available today.


Sustainable. Convenient. Effective.

PURTABS are effervescent disinfecting and sanitizing tablets that deliver accurate strength, Quick Claims, and zero loss of businesses productivity every time. We dissolve our PURTABS in Deionized water to produce a treatment that meet the range of needs for every facility. From the low-level sanitization required for food-contact surfaces, to powerful infection control for C. diff in healthcare settings.

They’re also affordable and sustainable. Our compact, concentrated PURTABS dissolve quickly and could be used in ordinary tap water and reduces the cost and environmental impact of shipping liquids across the globe.


Side by side comparison of the top used Disinfectants


Claim times for top Bacterial and Viral Pathogens.

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If interested in purchasing PURone or PURTabs tablets, please contact us for a quote. The online shop will be operational soon.